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Building Brave Futures


SEI is a technology and investment solutions company that has garnered a reputation for being one of the most innovative and trailblazing companies in the financial services industry. As the industry is in the midst of a massive transformation, SEI sees tremendous opportunity to redefine its differentiated status among its peers. As part of this strategy, SEI launched a new positioning platform along with a new brand identity program that defines and supports its unique offerings.


AAJdesign, in collaboration with the design and communications department at SEI, designed a new brand identity and standards for the company that supported their forward-looking message: Building Brave Futures. In addition to the design of the new identity, AAJdesign created a Building Brave Futures internal website that explains and expounds on the new positioning to SEI’s 4,000+ employees. In addition, we were also involved in the design of signage, banners, investor relations PPT, and a brand playbook.