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Private Advisor Group

Private Advisor Group

Grow With Us


Private Advisor Group is an investment advisory firm with a breakthrough compliance system that allows independent advisors the ability “to navigate our complex regulatory environment with ease, freeing them to spend more time with their clients.” The firm continues to grow, with more than 650 independent advisors and over $26 billion in assets under management.


As the regulatory environment and the world of wealth management become more intricate, growing your business has become more challenging. With its strong business model and proprietary compliance software platform for independent advisors, PAG was in a perfect position to capitalize on this trend, but needed a clarion call and a complementary professional brand identity system.


AAJdesign created a new positioning platform and tagline, “Grow With Us.” To support the idea of collective growth, we also built a fresh new brand identity system and website, resulting in meteoric growth for Private Advisor Group.