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Novocure ESG Reports

Novocure ESG Reports

Complementing the Brand Through ESG


As Novocure undergoes meteoric growth, governance and reporting play an important part in how the company positions itself in the biopharma space. Environmental, social and governance reporting is a natural complement to Novocure’s Patient-Forward mantra.


AAJdesign has created print and online ESG reports that reinforced who Novocure is through their mission, vision and values—which are inextricably linked to their commitment to patients, who, as Novocure states, “… remain at the heart of the work we do every day.” The report, through the lens of ESG, is an overview of Novocure’s commitment to patients, employees, community, corporate governance and ethics, including their response to COVID-19.

2022 Report

2021 Report

2020 Report