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Patient Forward


After studying the effects of electric fields on cancer cell division, Novocure developed an innovative and effective cancer treatment without the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy. Their FDA-approved therapy delivered through Optune—TTFields (tumor treating fields: anti-mitotic low emitting electrical fields) technology—has proved effective in treating some of the most deadly cancers, including Glioblastoma and certain lung cancers. The technology is now being tested on a range of other cancers and shows promising results.


Novocure is a different kind of global biotech company. With their novel and proven cancer therapy, they are at the cusp of something completely new.


AAJdesign was brought in to refine, elevate, and give life to Novocure’s brand, and develop a new communications platform, ‘Patient Forward,’ to help them connect with patients, investors, and the scientific and regulatory communities. As part of these efforts, AAJdesign designed a more refined logotype, wrote and created comprehensive application standards, and designed their first digital and print annual report, as well as other critical business communications, including their global web presence.