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Cancer Today Magazine

Cancer Today Magazine

Practical Knowledge. Real Hope.


Since 2011, Cancer Today has been published quarterly by the American Association for Cancer Research. The magazine marries human stories with the latest in cancer research, and is a true resource for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.


As technology has changed, the editorial team at AACR realized that a smart redesign of their online magazine could improve circulation and advertising, and enhance the user experience. Additionally, a comprehensive content management system could make online publishing and archiving much more efficient. AAJdesign researched other successful online magazines to distill best practices.


Through a series of presentations, feedback, and refinements, AAJdesign designed a new magazine with an efficient hierarchy and grid centered on the user, brand sensitive colors and typography, integrated advertising schemes, video integration, and an ongoing suite of flexible design variables to keep the magazine fresh. Now, Cancer Today is positioned for growth as the “authoritative resource for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers who are seeking information and inspiration as they or their loved ones face diagnosis, treatment, and life after cancer.”