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BAYADA Home Health Care

BAYADA Home Health Care

Compassion Excellence Reliability


With the advent of specialized home health care, BAYADA Nurses repositioned to become BAYADA Home Health Care. This strategic change resulted from a broadening of home care delivery that now encompasses, among other things, pediatrics, hospice, and habilitation.


Along with a change in strategic direction, BAYADA’s identity lacked the appropriate positioning system to support their services. Additionally, the look and feel did not align with the quality of care they offered.


BAYADA retained AAJdesign to help with strategy, a new nomenclature system that described their services and organized their business across the lines they served, and signature development and refinement, including designing and writing a comprehensive brand manual. AAJdesign also designed a new external web presence for BAYADA, helping them “build and maintain a lasting legacy as the world’s most compassionate and trusted team of home health care professionals.”