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Arbor Advisory Group

Arbor Advisory Group

Invested Relations


Arbor Advisory Group was conceived as an advisory firm specializing in a different type of investor relations and corporate communications consulting. Arbor is led by a team with an unparalleled depth of experience to cover the complexity and diversity of contemporary investor relations issues.


Through peer research, AAJdesign found that other firms were using a prescribed list of IR offerings that had been in place for a long time. In an investor world driven by technology and change, the old ways of working were being upended. Arbor was established to define what comes next.


AAJdesign designed a simple identity to underscore the highly focused solutions and commitment offered by the firm. The result is a bold, clear website grounded by incisive writing, and a new tagline: Invested Relations. These efforts accurately represent a fast-growing and successful consultancy at the vanguard of their industry.