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Airgas, an Air Liquide company

Airgas, an Air Liquide company

Cultural Integration


In 2016, Airgas—one of the largest suppliers of industrial, medical, specialty gases and hardgoods in the country—was acquired by Air Liquide of France. As with many international corporate acquisitions, there was a period of cultural integration.


Given that Airgas had a strong American collective culture, they searched for ways to retain their company culture while integrating with Air Liquide.


AAJdesign redesigned the employee magazine, Airwaves, chronicling Airgas’s many successes as a well-run and responsible company that cares about its employees. The magazine highlights safety and operational awards, diversity, future initiatives, and important events and milestones that drive and support employee involvement.

Airgas Annual and Sustainability Reports

Airgas has consistently taken the long view in building their business. They strategically calculated where to put resources to maximize return for their shareowners, whether in market segmentation, customer base, technology, or their supply chain. Since 1999, well before the acquisition by Air Liquide in 2016, AAJdesign designed Airgas’s annual reports and online sustainability report. Their award-winning annual reports and most-recent sustainability report chronicled their many successes as a well-run and responsible company.