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The American Association for
Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Reports

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Reports

Online Annual Report: complementing each annual meeting


The American Association for Cancer Research, the world's oldest and largest science organization devoted to cancer research, spends considerable effort each year promoting research for the sole purpose of conquering cancer. This includes publishing peer-reviewed journals and reports, conducting science education, meetings, issuing grants, sponsoring events and many other initiatives. They are justifiably proud of these efforts.


In reviewing other cancer organizations’ online annual reports, we found a common thread: a linear presentation of what went on over the past year. While AACR’s efforts over the previous year are deeply impressive, a thematic link to their annual meeting—the most ambitious and visited event of the year—was a natural way to drive a topical theme forward and solidify their strategic vision. A bold and clear index of the sheer variety of their initiatives demonstrates their standing among cancer research organizations.


We designed a bold and intuitive online annual report tied to the theme of the annual meeting. The site utilizes splash animations, vivid photography, and empirical data illustrating their efforts across key audiences and constituencies. The report is a go-to destination for audiences interested in the full scope of AACR’s global impact and strategic direction throughout the year.