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Zai Lab

Zai Lab

Refreshing the identity and digital presence of a global biopharmaceutical company.


Zai Lab is a Global Biopharmaceutical Company headquartered in Shanghai, China—with research and administrative offices in the U.S. They bring transformative medicines to market for cancer, and autoimmune and infectious diseases. Through manufacturing, and partnerships with leading global biopharma companies, and with burgeoning research and clinical development, Zai Lab is expanding into becoming a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company bringing innovative medicines to markets worldwide.


Though Zai Lab is a Chinese public company traded on NASDAQ and HKEX exchanges, it is relatively unknown in Western markets. From the outside, Zai Lab is perceived as a Chinese company, and as a manufacturer rather than a research-based, discovery-based biopharmaceutical company. This perception runs contrary to Zai Lab’s actual trajectory of success, supported by their mission, vision and values.


We designed a new website and brand standards for Zai Lab that place it directly among the most innovative and progressive biopharma companies in the world. Our original palette of colors, new typography, and design motifs form a comprehensive brand platform for both internal and external communications. The new website introduces the company with a short video anchored by a mission-driven positioning platform.